Boys Who Read

Ruth Mitchell is an author and mother of four living in San Diego, California. She works as a publicist for Immort Works Press, a small publisher devoted to providing readers young and old with captivating books with content PG-13 or lighter. My 13-year-old son stood on my neighbor’s doorstep at nine p.m., begging for a … Read more

Cabin Fever Winter Blues

by Dana Wood Winter blues are real. You have been schooling for weeks and the end of the school year seems years instead of months away. Tears are the norm and the joy is gone. How do you snap yourself out of it? You need to change things up. Sticking to your schedule will only … Read more

When Failure Isn’t

by Alyson Redford So often my balance between important things and urgent things gets skewed, not always by choice but by necessity, and then I feel like I failed. But what if I didn’t? What if I am evaluating the wrong things?  Several years ago when the new year rolled around I was tired of … Read more

Health in 2021

by Jen Altman. Originally published at Chestnut Grove Academy, on January 5, 2015, updated December 2020. Used by permission. I know it’s nothing extraordinary, but when I was trying to come up with an all encompassing word for this new year…HEALTH is what came to mind.  I want to work on being more healthy…physically, mentally … Read more

Homeschooling and Places of Security

by Jenny Fletcher, mother of two boys from Idaho We live in a unique time in the history of our world.  Because of a global pandemic and its accompanying uncertainty, more families are choosing to educate their children at home. It is important to realize that the Lord can use difficult times to bring about … Read more

Helpful Homeschooling Hints

by Crystal Hessing of Boise, Idaho When, why, and how your home-educating adventure began (or is yet to begin) is unique to each of us.  Ours began six years ago when my, then-fourth-grader, would no longer go to school.  I would forcefully drop her off at school, despite what should have been my better judgment, … Read more