by Jen Altman. Originally published at Chestnut Grove Academy, on January 23, 2014. Used by permission. One of the number one concerns that comes up with discussing homeschooling always seems to be SOCIALIZATION!  With Homeschooling becoming more and more mainstream, the number of opportunities to come together with other homeschoolers is increasing more and more! … Read more

Their Perfect Mom

By Lisa Larson Several years ago I attended a Time Out for Women event in Orlando. Mercy River was one of the performers and they shared many stories and sang lots of great songs. During one of their presentations, Whitney shared a story about learning how she was the perfect mom for her kids. As … Read more

Free Digital Art Resources

From Von Brimhall’s “Creativity and the Digital Arts” class given at the 2013 youth conference. Listen to the whole recorded class here in our audio library.  From sketchbook to computer to ebook! Take your drawings out of your sketchbook and into your computer! Von Brimhall will explore and demonstrate various techniques in creating digital art, … Read more