by Jen Altman. Originally published at Chestnut Grove Academy, on January 23, 2014. Used by permission.

One of the number one concerns that comes up with discussing homeschooling always seems to be SOCIALIZATION!  With Homeschooling becoming more and more mainstream, the number of opportunities to come together with other homeschoolers is increasing more and more!

There are several places you can search to see if there are homeschool groups in your area – This is how I’ve found groups near me:

Google Search:  Homeschool groups in {name of town and state}

Yahoo group search:  Homeschool, {town and/or state}

Facebook search:  Homeschool, {town and/or state}

Not finding anything?  When I first moved to Hawaii, Homeschool was like an under ground society, I knew there were homeschoolers out there, but I couldn’t find any information on any local groups!  So…I started my own group.  I posted an ad on Craigslist and a local military site, looking to form a co-op.  I decided before hand the ages I was interested in including, what activities I wanted to include, etc.  I got a handful of hits, and made some great friends! 

Since then a friend has started a field trip group on Facebook, we have over 500 members, and numerous field trips planned each week.  We have had amazing opportunities and awesome group discounts!  A sister group has stemmed from it as well, for older homeschool children.  It has proved to be an amazing resource, and I am so glad to have been a part of it!  (We are truly going to miss the group when we move!)

Field trips are a great way to get out and into the world!  What better way to learn than to experience it first hand!  For more ideas on how to incorporate field trips into your homeschool see my guest post at The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog. 

I consider field trips one of the top reasons WHY WE HOMESCHOOL!