Dress is casual, and you will be provided with a conference T-shirt, which you may wear any day. Many of the games are physical in nature, so you probably want comfortable footwear. We ask that clothing be free of vulgar sayings or graphics, cover the torso and that pants/shorts are modest.


Standards & Behavior

We expect all attendees to show courtesy and respect to other participants, speakers, and chaperones.

Cell phones are allowed, but we ask that you be respectful of others by not using them for texting, games, conversations, etc. and silencing them during devotionals, classes, or other activities.

The safety of our participants is of highest priority. We ask that participants stay with the group and follow instructions during and between activities.

Parental Supervision

Attendees will have access to thier parent(s) throughout the conference.

All youth must have a parent who is registered for the LDSHE Conference and who is present at the conference. No exceptions.

In the event of an emergency, the attending parent will be contacted immediately, and the participant will be placed in their care.

Parents are responsible for their own youth. LDSHE is not able to chaperone outside of the planned class and daytime activities; we chaperone activities, not individual youth.