Learning is Still Taking Place Even if School is Not

By Tonya Fridley, LDSHE Volunteer If my mother-in-law had the slightest idea that we did not have our first official day of organized schooling until the fourth week of September—and that we did only one full week in October—she would be paying me a visit. We have been in the process of building a learning … Read more

New School Year, New Comfort Zone

By Melissa Arauz, Mentor Mom I’m so proud of us! This is turning into my year of stretching myself, and apparently my family get taken on those journeys too. We decided we’d go on the “Not Back to School” camp out with a few other homeschooling families. I only knew one family there, but I … Read more

Curriculum: How to Choose with Confidence and Joy


By Janice Campbell How do you make wise curriculum choices for your family? What are the most important things to consider? And what should you do if something does not work as you thought it would? When I was a homeschool mom, our state’s annual homeschool convention was the highlight of my school year. Not … Read more

Learning to Listen and Act in My Homeschooling

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By Tina Huntsman A few months ago, my husband took a class from a local artisan and learned how to build custom picture frames. He enrolled in the workshop for two reasons: (1) He enjoys woodworking. (2) He had a specific framing project in mind—the beautiful canvas print that sat untouched in the corner of … Read more

Wouldn’t Life Be Easier…?

By Dana Wood A few years ago, while I was balancing the activities and academics of my youngest four children, starting to work part-time, and trying to run a household, a friend and I were trying to coordinate some activities. She doesn’t homeschool. As we struggled to find time to make things work, she said, “If … Read more