New School Year, New Comfort Zone

By Melissa Arauz, Mentor Mom

I’m so proud of us!

This is turning into my year of stretching myself, and apparently my family get taken on those journeys too. We decided we’d go on the “Not Back to School” camp out with a few other homeschooling families. I only knew one family there, but I figured it would be a great way to experience the outdoors and get to know some others.

This was Alejandro’s and my second time camping as a married couple (we’ve been married sixteen years) and even though I grew up boating and camping, I didn’t remember much nor know the logistics of it. But we pulled it together. Tried our hand at yummy tinfoil dinners–ate a breakfast made for kings–and apparently my girls are pros at tent set up.

We went to Shenandoah and the first day hiked just four miles, but that was challenging as it was a steep climb back up. The view at the overlook was gorgeous though–but intimidating and also kind of scary when my 3 year old had no fear, so we had to keep him close as usual.

I was super impressed with Brianna (my oldest) at the campfire that night as she led the group in a camp song–several verses long 🙂 We also had put together a family skit and performed that which was quite something else 😉

On day two some of the moms and dads taught classes. I taught preschool-kindergarten group, and moment I started reading the storybooks, someone else’s classes ended up with mine. The power of stories and storytelling!

After the books, we pulled out sparkly paints and painted on marshmallows. We split the large group up at that point to minimize chaos. 

The girls both had a seminary class at camp and a mindfulness/meditation type class with the other kids close to their age. They really loved that, and the boys enjoyed their classes too.

Our camping trip was cut short because of impending rain, but it was so good to be out there.

Next challenge: plan a trip of our own, and invite others!