34 Things Youth Can Do During General Conference

By Suzette Conrad

General Conference is just around the corner and I for one am so excited. With how long sessions are it’s easy for you or your ears to fall asleep. But going into conference with a purpose can help you listen and get more out of it. Here are some ideas specifically for youth (but of course anyone can use them), that will help you get the most out of conference.

1) Watch all four sessions and attend the Women’s or Priesthood session. Write how listening to the words of prophets strengthened your faith in Christ.

2) Take note of when anyone mentions faith (Ways you can incorporate faith in your life, scriptures/quotes, etc). Then gather your notes and write how you can improve your faith.

3)Study the life of one of the General Authorities. Write about how they showed faith during their life and especially while in their callings. Make a list of examples you learned from them which will help you improve your faith.

4) After you listen to all the conference talks, make a book of quotes about faith.

5) Write down a list of questions or concerns you have about the gospel. As you listen to speakers, keep an open ear and heart about your questions. Write down answers you find and impressions you have. Write about how your faith has increased.

6) Before conference, learn and read all you can about faith. During conference, create an object (picture, sewing project, crochet project, clay sculpture, calendar, etc) that will remind you each day to be more faithful.

7) During conference, take notes and listen for ways you can develop your spiritual gifts.

8) Listen for ways you can improve yourself as a son or daughter of God. Then make a plan to do those things.

9) Make a commitment to be more obedient to Heavenly Father. During conference, write down ways you can be more obedient.

10) As you listen to conference, make something for your future or present home.

11) Listen for ways God has shown He loves others. Each time you add a new item to your list, list the ways He has shown His love to you.

12) Any time a General Authority says “you” or “we”, replace it with your own name. What messages are they telling you to do or listen to?

13) Make a list of ways you can show your family/friends/others how much you love and care for them. Then do those things.

14)Write down questions, concerns, plans you have for your future. As you listen, write down answers to those questions.

15) Review the addresses from the last conference. What did they want you to do then? Now watch the current conference. What do they want you to do now? Compare what they said this time and last time.

16)Before conference, research the topics of education, both spiritual and temporal. Learn why these principles are critical to your happiness and temple preparation. As you listen to Conference, create an object that will remind you each day to continue to seek knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge.

17) During conference, write down anytime someone mentions their own or someone else’s occupation. How were they able to serve the Lord through this occupation? What can you do as you prepare for an occupation to serve the Lord?

18) During conference, list the ways education, knowledge, or spiritual preparation will help you during your life.

19) Learn more about why we have prophets and other spiritual leaders. During each talk in conference, list things they ask you to do and then do those things.

20) Research the topic of agency. Learn why this principle is critical to your happiness and temple preparation. Listen for times in conference when they mentioned agency. How did people use it for good? How did people use it for bad? What can you do to use your agency for good?

21) Think about the way you use social media and technology. During conference, listen to advice and counsel given about media (including anytime someone mentions doing Family History online). Based on what you hear, create a plan to improve your use of media.

22)Watch all of the sessions of conference and then use one of the talks to create an FHE lesson. Give that lesson in your next FHE.

23) Watch all sessions of conference and then use one of the talks to create a spiritual thought and activity you can use for a Young Women or Young Men activity, FHE, or evening with friends.

24) List what you are doing now to prepare for a mission. During conference, make a list of things you can continue to do or new things you can do to prepare for a mission. Then do those things.

25) Listen for ways you can strengthen your family. Have a family council and list what you can do to bring more unity into your family.

26) While listening to conference, bake treats, meals, or something else you like. Then keep them for yourself or give them to someone to cheer their day.

27) Make a list of good things you are doing in your life. During conference, write the better or best things you can be doing. Rewrite your list to reflect this and make an effort to do those best things.

28) Write down all the scriptures you heard mentioned in conference. Use those scriptures as part of your gospel study plan.

29) Find conference bingo online or make your own.

30) Create your own Conference Jeopardy you can play with friends or family later. During conference, write down questions and answers.

31) Write down quotes you hear from conference and turn them into a graphics to share with friends and family

32) If you’ve received your patriarchal blessings, read through it, and list the blessings promised in it. During conference, listen for ways to receive those blessings.

33) Draw a doodle of each person speaking and write a quote they used to summarize their talk.

34) Find a story of an ancestor that teaches you a gospel principle. Listen for a talk where the speaker shares a story of their ancestor, and how it helped them learn a gospel principle.