Health in 2021

by Jen Altman. Originally published at Chestnut Grove Academy, on January 5, 2015, updated December 2020. Used by permission.

I know it’s nothing extraordinary, but when I was trying to come up with an all encompassing word for this new year…HEALTH is what came to mind.  I want to work on being more healthy…physically, mentally and spiritually!

I guess it’s pretty cliché’ for New Year Resolutions to be about diet/exercise…but I want my one word to be more than just that.  I want to be HEALTHY! 

My diet, my weight, my lack of exercise is noticeably affecting me overall.  I want to focus on being a better me…a healthier me! 

A few things I have decided to work on this year is to eat more healthy, eat more often (sometimes I just forget), get regular exercise, read my scriptures and pray more regularly, yell less.  To name just a few.

By changing a few things in my life, I know it will make an even bigger change over all. 

A happier, healthier Momma can only mean good for everyone else!

There ya have it, short and sweet! 

What is your word for 2021?