Begin With The End In Mind

by Amy Anderson There I was, with four small children and my public school-employed Science teacher husband, at a homeschool high school graduation, in Laramie, Wyoming. No one I was related to or even knew too well was there, let alone graduating. How did this happen? As we showed interest in homeschooling, we started asking questions … Read more

Why I Love LDSHE Graduation

by Tina HuntsmanWhen I attended LDSHE for the first time (as a mom of a soon-to-be kindergartener, a toddler, and a baby), my head and heart were full of many questions. How could I make sense of the frequent feelings of inspiration to teach my children in my own home? What would homeschooling look like? … Read more

Beyond Academics

by Bente Rodriquez, OhioOver Christmas break, three of my adult children, one in-law, and 3 grandchildren came home to celebrate the season. Our house was filled with conversation and laughter. It was heaven! My son- and daughter-in-law are planning to homeschool their children. So as questions about learning to read, curriculums, and when to start … Read more

Lessons From Winter Trees

by Louisa Wells, VirginiaThe trees in my backyard look spectacular, robed in either their spring blossoms or their fall foliage. During the summer, their green canopy offers shade and safety to all kinds of critters.  In winter, though, they are bare and some might say unattractive. Why do you think our artistic Heavenly Father and … Read more

Three Reasons Your Youth Should Attend Our Youth Conference

Why should your youth attend our youth conference? Why do we have a youth conference? Because our youth conference can help make homeschooling easier for you! How? We built our conference on these 3 guiding principles.  The first principle is building friendships. Attendees meet other LDS youth who love homeschooling too. They don’t have to come with friends- … Read more

Why What You Thought Would Be Self-Care Didn’t Work

(Written by Katie Tieken) With the holidays in full swing and the doldrums of January just around the corner, burnout is likely to be a part of the next few months. While fully healing burnout is a multifaceted process, the core of keeping it at bay is a strong self-care practice. I’ve found the term … Read more