Three Reasons Your Youth Should Attend Our Youth Conference

Why should your youth attend our youth conference? Why do we have a youth conference? Because our youth conference can help make homeschooling easier for you! How? We built our conference on these 3 guiding principles. 

The first principle is building friendships. Attendees meet other LDS youth who love homeschooling too. They don’t have to come with friends- they will make lots of new friends during their 3 days of fun, games, and activities that build friendships. Many youth build friendships that last long after they leave the conference and continue when they return the following year. They inspire each other to learn and grow in new ways.

The second principle our conference teaches youth is to own their own education. What does that mean? It means they are the ones responsible for getting an excellent education. Their parents help them, but they can’t make their youth learn what they don’t want to learn. Our speakers help inspire them to want to learn and see the many opportunities available to explore the world around them. We have speakers from varied fields of study and experience to inspire the youth to live their best life. 

The third principle our youth conference is based on is leadership training. We encourage the youth to live to a higher standard. Our speakers teach skills and ideals that help plant the principles of leadership now and into the future. In addition, our youth conference is led by a team of youth who spend September to May planning all aspects of the conference. They learn how to be leaders and mentors. Then, at the conference, the team runs the conference with their adult mentors as advisors. It truly is a conference that meets the needs of today’s youth because homeschooled youth plan and execute it. 

We love and believe in our youth and we love how these principles can provide a top-quality experience for them every year. Don’t let your youth miss this opportunity! Watch for emails announcing all the wonderful speakers and activities for the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania conference and the West Valley City, Utah conference in upcoming emails!