Looking For Great Stories For Your Family

A favorite LDSHE vendor is Dan Hunter. He has been coming to our conferences for many years. His company Archive Publishers publishes out-of-print, hard-to-find books. In this article, he talks about one book he published that includes one of his favorite stories. Dan Hunter will be vending at our Salt Lake City, Utah Conference May … Read more

Nurturing Minds and Hearts: The Power of Literature

By Nellie Boyer Literature can be a transformative force in your homeschool journey. Engaging in meaningful discussions about quality literature as a family not only enhances your children’s academic skills but also strengthens the bonds of your family unit. Here are three ideas to make literature discussions a cherished and effective part of your homeschool … Read more

Are You Looking for Faith Promoting Stories?

If you are, Dan Hunter’s Archive Publisher Company is a good place to start. They publish out-of-print, hard-to-find books. Here’s his bio: Dan Hunter and his wife Janice have been married for 44 years, have five children and fifteen grandchildren. They have homeschooled since 1993. Dan is the author of nine history books which are used across the … Read more

Embracing the Outdoors

Embrace the Outdoors: Enhancing Homeschooling with Nature’s Classroom Hey there, homeschooling families! As spring approaches and the world starts to bloom with vibrant colors and fresh scents, it’s the perfect time to take your learning outside. Whether you’re studying math, science, literature, or history, integrating outdoor activities into your homeschool routine can offer countless benefits … Read more

Preparing for College Success: A Homeschooler’s Journey Through BYU Independent Study

As homeschooling parents, we strive to provide our children with the best education, covering the basics and preparing them for the challenges of higher education.     Meet Jonathan, a 17-year-old homeschooler passionate about learning with a clear vision for his future. Like many homeschool students, Jonathan faced the challenge of finding advanced coursework that matched … Read more

Please Support Our Vendors!

We love our vendors who come year after year. Not only do they provide a place for us to get a hands-on look at the curriculum and books we are interested in, but we can also talk face-to-face with them and ask questions about our specific needs. A win-win for both of us.  Our Marketplace … Read more