Trenton S. Jones, AIA

Trenton S. Jones, AIA

Trent began pursing the dream of being an architect when he was fourteen years old. He focused heavily on architecture and drafting classes in high school, and then graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1998. He obtained his professional licensure in 2010, and is currently employed as a Senior Associate for FFKR Architects, one of the largest architecture firms in Utah. Trent is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being baptized on Easter Sunday at age 34. He currently serves as the 2nd counselor in his ward bishopric. For leisure, Trent reads, works on his home, and goes camping whenever he can get away. Trent and his wife have three teenage kids, one dog, one cat, and two geckos.

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SLC Youth Day 3 05/31/2024
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Architectural Principles and Life's Foundations (Trenton S. Jones, AIA)

Architect Louis Sullivan famously said, "Form follows function." In other words, the use or function of a building's interior should be reflected in the building's exterior form. Yet, despite the variations in a building's function and form, there are certain pieces and parts common to all buildings. In this class, we'll overview some of the basic principles of architecture, touching on some history, design concepts, and the importance of a strong foundation in both architecture and life.