Spencer Marsden

Spencer Marsden

Spencer Marsden is an accomplished family man that is helping to raise ten amazing children. He currently resides on a picturesque farm his family calls Bluebird Hollow nestled under the snowy peaks of the Tetons. Spencer spends his days doing deals with travel and hospitality companies and teaching a much sought after finance class at BYU Idaho. He enjoys roaming the mountains with his wife, kids, and of course bear spray! He loves teaching his children the scriptures, hard work, time management, and how to change a tire. He is so excited to meet ya’ll!

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Youth Fall Retreat Day 2 10/25/2024
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Swords and Spokes: Likening Scriptures to Everyday Life (Spencer Marsden)

Ballroom C

We read the scriptures and find wonderful people like Ammon, Captain Moroni, Esther, Joseph Smith, and Paul, to name a few. But how often are you wielding a sword in protection of a flock of sheep, putting your life at risk by addressing your husband, or leading a battalion of youth into war? If you have ever wondered how the scriptures could possibly relate to your mike dropping life, this class is for you! Join us as we learn how to relate ancient and modern scripture to modern day life as an amazing youth of God living in the 21st century. You won’t regret it! (unless you have an aversion to swords…)

2024 Gettysburg Thursday Adult Schedule 05/23/2024
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

What Can I Do to Help With Homeschooling?: Dad's Panel

Technology Room