Sara Price

Sara Price

Sara was born and raised in both Utah and Arizona. She has five older brothers and an older sister. Sara grew up camping and fishing in the Wasatch mountains as well as milking cows and irrigating fields on her grandparents farm. She graduated from high school in 1997, married her Incredible husband in 1998, had her Awesome Kaitlynn in 1999, and her Incredible Nicholas in 2000. It was a busy few years!! It was followed by her Fabulous Miranda, her Superlative Steven, and her Wonderful Benjamin. Sara is a Grandma to two Amazing granddaughters. She loves life and LOVES the adventures it holds, even if those adventures require a little bit of grit and imagination to get through.

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Youth Retreat Day 2 May 13, 2022
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Test? Trials? Bring It On!! (Sara Price)

Youth Tent

You were divinely created to do hard things. It’s a good thing that you are Amazing…or Fantastic…or Awesome…you get to choose what you are! We have all heard that life is a test but have you ever heard that God himself prepared you for your test? What’s even cooler is that you have an amazing big brother who will help you through your test. You have more strength than you know. Life is hard, but guess what? It’s supposed to be. Thank heavens that you can do hard things!