Ricardo Costa

Ricardo Costa

Ricardo Costa is an actor and filmmaker residing in Utah. Born in Macapa, Brazil, Ricardo is mostly of Indigenous South American descent with Portuguese, African, Spanish, and Scottish ancestry added to the mix. Ricardo came to America as an exchange student in Idaho and after finishing college, he moved to the East Coast where he started pursuing the arts. There he was training on acting for film at Harvard University through a program sponsored by the New York Film Academy. The great recession of 2008 and family matters forced him to take a prolonged break from the industry. He resumed his acting career after moving back to Utah with his family. In 2022, he co-founded Pepperjack Pictures with three fellow actors with the mission of providing more opportunities for professional filmmakers to collaborate together to create professional films. Ricardo is fluent in Portuguese and conversational Spanish.

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SLC Youth Day 3 05/31/2024
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Impactful Storytelling & Acting (Ricardo Costa)

This class will give students a window into the world of acting and how to tell a story that leaves a meaningful and impactful effect on those who hear it. An accomplished actor and director, Ricardo will give the students hands on tips on how to be more effective at acting and storytelling.