Peggy Reeder

Peggy Reeder

Peggy graduated from LDSHE in 2014. LDSHE is where she made lifelong memories and friends. She is thrilled to be back! Growing up, she lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Utah. Peggy served in the Arkansas Bentonville Mission, attended LDS Business (Ensign) College, and started her own business as a social media manager. When she’s not working, Peggy loves making music, doing a good DIY project, volunteering, and traveling to see her favorite people and places. Her main goal in life is to become the real-life version of Princess Poppy from Trolls!

All Sessions by Peggy Reeder

SLC Parent Day 3 05/31/2024
1:30 pm - 2:20 pm

It Works Out: Successfully Homeschooled (Panel with Rachel Winsley, Peggy Reeder, and Alyson Redford)

Sometimes, as homeschool parents, the greatest challenge we face is our own doubts and fears wondering whether we're doing the right thing. We question everything! Will my kids be able to transition into "the real world?" Can I teach them enough? Will they have a positive view as they look back on their school experience?
Naturally, the answers to all of our questions will vary, but generally, we can rest works out.
Join this panel discussion where you can ask questions and gain perspective from "successfully homeschooled" adults, both those who recently graduated and those in the thick of home-educating the next generation of children.

SLC Youth Day 1 05/29/2024
3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

What Comes Next? (Mary Stoddard, Peggy Reeder, Blake Jones)

As you look toward the end of your homeschooling years, do you wonder what comes next? Come hear from three awesome young adults who, just a few years ago, were right where you are now! They obviously don't have all the answers for your life, but they are excited to share their stories and their perspectives on how to navigate from amazing homeschool students into thriving young adults.