Paul Clegg

Paul Clegg

Paul lives in Tennessee with his wife Sammie and their six children (five boys, one girl). He enjoys traveling, reading, fishing, chess, theology, and most importantly food. Paul grew up in an inner city, but spent the weekends on his family cattle/dairy farm. This upbringing gives life to his business practices, parenting style, relationships, and availed to a menagerie of experiences to be shared around a campfire. At nineteen he served a two-year mission in Frankfurt, Germany. Paul and Sammie have been married for 16 years. Over these wonderful years they have moved 13 times. It’s often said, “We have a few more moves in us,” because nomadic life suits them both. Working as a Manufacturing Consultant for Lantech Global, Paul is privileged to travel globally fulfilling many of his passions. “Working is only work if you don’t enjoy it.”

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Online Conference Day 2 February 18, 2022
10:15 am - 11:15 am

Is Good Enough, Good Enough? (Paul Clegg)

Zoom Room 1

Finding stress in perfection is common. Could I do more? Should I do more? Someone has asked me to do more. Is it ok to say yes? Is it ok to say no? Realizing that Christ is our advocate sets our personal stage of freedom from self judgement and personal “Stressfection.”