Nate Foulk

Nate Foulk

Nate is a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland studying Physics. He graduated from BYU with a BS in Physics in 2020. He has the best job in the world because people pay him to think about the complex universe that our Heavenly Parents organized for us and then to write about it. The writing part is less fun. Nate and his wife, Chloe, live in beautiful Baltimore in the Inner Harbor ward of the Baltimore Stake. He served a mission in the Russia Yekaterinburg Mission from 2015-2017. Nate is hopelessly optimistic, reliably forgetful, and a tortured Philadelphia sports fan. He loves his wife more than anything in the world. Except for their two cats, Junior and Maxwell.

All Sessions by Nate Foulk

Gettysburg Youth Day 2 5/18/2023
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Developing Humility Within Ourselves (Nate Foulk)

Longstreet Suite C

How can we develop the Christlike attribute of humility within ourselves? What does "being humble" mean, exactly? How can we recognize pridefulness within ourselves and repent?

Gettysburg Parents Day 2 5/18/2023
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

A Lifelong Pursuit in Learning (Chloe and Nate Foulk)

Robert E Lee Suite

How to build, or continue, a love of learning among the pulls and necessities of adult life.