Lexie Staton

Lexie Staton, mother of five and grandmother to nine, is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. Wherever Lexie’s interests lie, it is always to help the Lord’s kingdom to go forward. Lexie runs her own natural healing business, HealthNaturally, and is currently serving as a Church Service Missionary with her husband, Don, in the Washington DC South mission as support to the Spanish branch of the Ashburn, Viginia Stake. Church service has also taught Lexie how to care for her family by doing family history work. She served several years as the Director the Annandale Stake Family History Center. Knowing your ancestors can bring a sense of belonging that is so needed in today’s world and Lexie is excited to share her love of family history with the youth attending the LDSHE Conference.

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2024 Gettysburg Wednesday Youth Schedule 05/22/2024
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Family History & Historical Cycles (Lexie Staton)

Longstreet Suite A

This class will help us appreciate the variables affecting family history depending on the time period your ancestors lived; if it was a time of war vs a time of peace, economic prosperity vs economic struggle. We will also discuss the collection of data and how to store it, both in the form of written words and pictures.