Kent & Amy Bowler

Kent & Amy Bowler

Kent and Amy Bowler help families to solidly connect to God and know with surety who they are as God’s children so that they choose to stand up and live with God’s power and strength as His modern-day heroes. They have seven heroes of their own, six grandchildren and have been homeschooling from the beginning of time!

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St. George Parent Outreach Conference March 25, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Getting Your Teens Focused On What Matters (Amy and Kent Bowler)

Raising teenagers in a world filled with distractions and deceptions is especially difficult. This is true of academics, but even more so for matters of the soul. As we help our teenagers to connect to God in meaningful ways, they will gain the ability to overcome traps, trials and distractions while gaining confidence in who they are and becoming who God needs them to be.