Kathy Mellor

Kathy has homeschooled since before it was cool (or even semi-normal) and she has mentored thousands of homeschool parents and teens. Her favorite kind of mentoring is when she helps you realize that you have an important message that the world needs to hear. Teen mentoring includes everything from writing or public speaking coaching to giving accountability to help them reach their goals. Kathy loves reading, especially the classics or what she calls "change literature", and she's been known to recommend books to total strangers in the grocery store. Her San Diego roots make her partial to her feet in the sand with a strong ocean breeze and she splits her time between there and Cedar Hills, Utah. It is an honor to help you on your homeschooling journey!

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Online Conference Day 2 02/10/2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Getting Out of the Public School Mentality (Kathy Mellor)

Zoom Room 1

Despite our experiences of being scarred (in one way or another) by our public school experience and the dismal outcomes we see coming out of the public schools now, it's hard to break loose from the way we think school should “look.” At our session, we'll talk about the fears, paradigms, and distortions that keep us from creating the meaningful culture and experience that's really in our hearts. We will also explore strategies for homeschooling in ways where our family can truly engage and experience education which is matched to our individual talents and purpose.