Jessica Croker

Jessica Croker is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Mindful Living Coach, teaching well-attended classes, seminars, and workshops since 2013. She hosts a weekly podcast called The Seedpod-cast to teach and inspire women that self-care isn’t selfish and that when we put ourselves first, we can actually think about ourselves less. Through her website,, she runs an interactive Unselfish Self-Care coaching program, helping people really internalize and apply her mindful approach to self-care. Jessica has been homeschooling her six children since the first one was born in 2000 and lives with her husband and children in Manassas, Virginia.

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Online Conference Day 2 February 18, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Panel: Working and Homeschooling (Heather Merrill, Becca Bamberg, Jessica Croker)

Zoom Room 1

Whether it's out of necessity or choice, many parents find themselves in the position of working while also homeschooling their children. Come join the conversation about how parents can balance their careers and the education of their children.

Online Conference Day 1 February 17, 2022
9:00 am - 10:00 am

You Can't Parent Away Your Child's Weaknesses (Jessica Croker)

Zoom Room 1

Sometimes as parents we think that it is our job to fix our children. Their weaknesses and struggles are very apparent to us. We may even see the weaknesses and struggles of our children as our own personal failure as parents. Even though we mean well, when we approach parenting and homeschooling as a problem to be solved, we create a whole bunch of problems for ourselves! Our children have not been sent by loving Heavenly Parents into our care so that we can fix them. They are humans, just like us, that will always have weaknesses and imperfections to carry along their whole journey through life. Our job is to love them, learn alongside them, and help them figure themselves out. We will use this class to tune into our children’s strengths, tune into our own strengths, and see how we can leverage those to bring joy to our relationships and homeschool journey.