World History: It’s Better Than Eating Dirt!

What If? What if Charles Martell had not defeated the conquering Moors? What if Joan of Arc had not triumphed in France? What if the Spanish Armada had not been defeated? What if Luther had faltered at the Diet of Worms? What if Henry the VIII had not broken from the Catholic Church?

In his unique way, Brother DeGraff examines the importance of each of these and other incidents and answers “what if” the outcome had been different. When great nations unexpectedly fall and victory is achieved by the most unlikely of heroes, we must recognize the hand of God in history. When LDS history students search out and recognize His hand in history, they not only see the plan for nations, kingdoms and civilizations but they also recognize that they, too, are a part of God’s plan.

LDSHE Podcast
LDSHE Podcast
World History: It's Better Than Eating Dirt!