The “S” Word! What Should You Know about Socialization?

What exactly is socialization? It’s far more than just having friends. Socializing the homeschooled child is an issue to consider thoughtfully but not stress over. In this seminar, we will discuss several aspects of socialization and the unique challenges and opportunities that homeschooling affords, including:
– Is socialization really a problem for homeschooled children?
– What do studies reveal about homeschooled children and their social skills?
– How do you answer questions from family and friends about “socialization and the homeschooled child”?
– What are good ways to provide socialization experiences for homeschooled children?
– What are the ultimate purposes of socialization and how should that affect how we choose to educate and socialize our children?
This seminar will also include experiences from parents who have homeschooled their kids from childhood into adolescence and adulthood—what they have learned, and helpful advice that would have been good to know at the outset.



LDSHE Podcast
LDSHE Podcast
The “S” Word! What Should You Know about Socialization?