Rachel Scoresby

Rachel Scoresby

Rachel is a dreamer, reader, writer, teacher, and world-traveler-wanna-be. She was homeschooled her whole growing-up and graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2017 with her education degree. Now, she runs her own school where she teaches writing, grammar, art, and literature to local homeschooled children. Rachel writes action adventure stories full of giant wolves, pirates, cybernetically enhanced racehorses, and interdimensional travel. Her online fiction writing course for teens is coming soon to the world wide web, and she is very, very excited. In the summers, Rachel runs a performing troupe called KIDS ON FIRE where she writes, directs, and edits the short films they make. Recently, she directed “How to Train Your Dragon” with a cast of 30+ people, twelve different sets/locations, and five CGI dragons! Check out KIDS ON FIRE on YouTube to see this newest video.

All Sessions by Rachel Scoresby

Youth Retreat Day 2 May 13, 2022
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Drawing (Rachel Scoresby)

Small Pavilion

Bust out the paper and pencil and come draw your very own, original character—start to finish. Want to draw a Ninja? A Pirate? A Soccer Player? A thief with a mechanical eye that allows him to see one minute into the future? You got it! We’ll be talking faces, noses, eyes, hair, and the secret sauce that makes every character concept pop off the paper.

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Writing Characters Who Become Favorites (Rachel Scoresby)

Small Pavilion

Whether your main character is a runaway space cadet, a seventh grader with a portal in their laundry basket, or a crime-fighting hamster, they have what it takes to become your reader’s new favorite character. And YOU have what it takes to create that favorite character. Get ready to step into the fantastical land of Oatlore, home to some of the most diverse, most memorable characters this side of the O’Creamy Sea. Get ready to meet some of those characters and create a few of your own as you learn how to make the main character in your story your reader’s new favorite.

Tennessee Retreat Day 2 May 13, 2022
10:00 am - 10:50 am

STORY: The Secret to Raising a Writer (Rachel Scoresby)

Adult Tent

The absolute best way to become a better writer is to write. Hands down. But sometimes the simple act of moving the cursor/pencil across a blank page is intimidating—for children and for adults too. But, as a teacher and a writer myself, I have discovered there is nothing quite so motivating, quite so irresistible as an untold story.

Come take a close look at story. What is it? What are its parts? And most importantly, how can you use it to motivate and empower your children (especially those tweens and teens) to develop fresh ideas on their own, build their writing stamina, analyze their own work, and actively seek instruction and criticism? Come learn why story is the best kept secret when it comes to raising a writer.