Kristina Powell

Kristina Powell

Kristina loves the color orange -- like pumpkins and fall leaves! She loves sunshine and the intricate details of nature. She is privileged to be married to her best friend. They have six children--four boys with a girl on each end, just like bookends! They range in age from 24 to six, so she has spent a lot of years with littles and loves how it has refined her. She now has the added bonus of a son-in-law and a sweet little grandson too! Her husband’s work has enabled them to live overseas in seven different countries. They have experienced international schools, public schools, and homeschooling--which is what they are continuing to do with their four still at home now. She tries to carve out time to draw, paint, read, and practice the violin. She loves the Lord and is grateful for the life He has blessed her with.

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Online Conference Day 2 2/10/2023
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Adult Book Discussion

Zoom Room 2

Let’s have a book discussion on The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict by the Arbinger Institute! I was first introduced to this book when my daughter recommended it after studying it for a class at BYUi. I loved it! It teaches true principles that, if we can live by, can help us overcome conflict in our lives. What are the principles and truths it teaches? Can we identify the Christ-like attributes that these real world examples teach us? Do we have examples from the scriptures? How can we live these principles? In April 2022, President Nelson asked us to “End conflict in our personal lives.” He said, “I repeat my call to end the conflicts in your life. Exercise the humility, courage, and strength required both to forgive and to seek forgiveness.” This book, The Anatomy of Peace, has provided an incredibly helpful perspective on how to turn from conflict and seek peace. I would love to exchange thoughts on this topic. I also recommend The Arbinger’s first book, Leadership and Self-Deception. The title may seem, well, not so peaceful, but it really brings home the potential in each of us to end conflict and find the peace and rest that the Lord has promised.