Diane Garfield

Diane Garfield

Diane Garfield is a homeschooling mother of five and a Certified Coach with The Color Code, from the best-selling book The Color Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman, an LDS psychologist. She is in the “mid-zone” of homeschooling, with two kids now adults and three still at home. She is nearly finished with her Bachelors Degree in Marriage and Family Studies from BYUI. She, her husband, and three kids live in Nauvoo, IL.

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Online Conference Day 2 February 18, 2022
10:15 am - 11:15 am

Homeschooling Differing Personality Types (Diane Garfield)

Zoom Room 2

Finding the right motivation is key with homeschooling success. However, different personality types may have differing motivators. In this class, we will discuss different personality types, their motives, and how we can use these tools to best teach our children. We will discuss approaches that can best reach them, as well as help us feel fulfilled as homeschooling parents.