Anika Hall

Anika Hall

Anika grew up all over the world learning the languages and cultures of six different countries. Because her family moved around so much, she was homeschooled for her high school years and loved the learning that happened in her home. She currently lives in Rexburg, Idaho, as she and her incredible husband are getting their bachelor degrees. She has thoroughly enjoyed studying Spanish as her minor and Marriage and Family Advocacy as her major. She hopes to use her education to help families connect to the resources in their communities that will help them build strong family units. Her current job, as director of the Peer-Success Mentoring program at BYUI, allows her to train other mentors and work alongside them to assist students in building good life habits and skills that change their college experience for the better.

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Online Conference Day 1 February 17, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Preparation, Purpose and Peace: A Homeschooling Guide to Success in College and Life (Anika Hall)

Zoom Room 2

Being successful is not an easy thing to accomplish, but there is good news! A big part of being successful includes preparation for what’s coming by establishing simple habits now. Knowing what habits to establish depends largely on what we have learned about where we are going and what skills we will need. Defining our personal purpose for why we are going that direction gives us greater motivation to accomplish our goals. This pattern of habits and purpose will influence our decisions and will leave us feeling like we accomplished something incredible, giving us a profound sense of peace and satisfaction with life (and our college experience)!