Yikes! Am I Ready for This?

Presented by: Michelle Corbin

“Now that I’m finally getting close to graduating, becoming an independent ‘adult’ feels a bit intimidating! College, mission, living on my own for the first time…can I really do it? Am I the only one who feels this way? What do I need to do to feel confident about my after ‘high school’ adventure? What can I do to prepare now?” These are feelings that many youth share. Come celebrate where you are and where you are going with us! Along with practical, worldly smarts, use President Nelson’s most recent advice to help you overcome the fear you feel and succeed in unbelievable, unimaginable ways!


Michelle Corbin has worked as a Teacher/Educator, Tutor, Certified Reading Specialist, Trainer, Pre-school Owner, Business Owner & Stake Youth Leader. Michelle timidly started her homeschooling adventure with her own five kids, ages 3-11 at the time. This leap of faith helped her realize the important role that reading plays in education and learning fundamental life skills. This realization gave her the determination to seek training and open her own successful reading business that has in turn blessed the lives of hundreds all around the country. She believes in the importance of education, continuing education, and being a confident participant in both. What she loved most about homeschooling her kids was being able to apply religion & the spirit with their learning, which gave them confidence to be independent students upwards into missions & college. She loves what she does because it makes everyday an adventure!

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