Without Geography, You're Nowhere!

Presented by: David Glassett

All bad puns aside, geography is perhaps the greatest of all educational disciplines. It is so much a part of who we are and what we do. Where do you live? Why are cities built where they are? How does the environment affect how you live, work, and play? What is behind the migration of birds, shipping of goods, or resettlement of tens of thousands of pioneer Saints? What’s the weather like today? Which way should you take to the park? The answers to all these questions deal with geography. Combining so many other disciplines from the physical and social sciences, geography is everywhere (pun definitely intended). Come find out how geography intersects all that you do and teach, plus how-to tips and fun ways to teach Geography at all age levels.

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David loves seeing light in others’ eyes. In his work, he sees that in two ways: exploring a great map and addressing personal or business needs through leadership coaching. He’s both a cartographer and a leadership coach. In his maps, he loves exploring personal and historic topics. He’s been mapping professionally for 15 years and has taught cartography at the college level. He’s also a leadership coach. That means he helps people achieve greater leadership possibilities, whether that’s in their business or personal life. Outside of maps and coaching, he loves being with his family making music, planning and taking road trips, creating wholesome homemade food, and reading. You can learn more about his work and see a few of his maps at www.peacefulvalleymaps.com.

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