What’s So Cool about Hebrew?

Presented by: Katie Hansen

The Hebrew language holds hidden treasures of knowledge for those who desire to deepen their roots and solidify their foundation as leaders in their homes. It is worth every effort to learn just for the fact that it clarifies the Word of God. In this class, we will explore multiple layers of this language of symbolism as Katie leads in a hands-on discovery experience. Come prepared with an 1828 Dictionary & Bible Index app on your phone to participate in our tutorial discussion.


Katie grew up exploring and discovering the woods, ponds, creeks, and fields in the Baltimore, Md. countryside. After moving west and graduating college in Elementary Ed. from USU, she found her personal call to teach her own children.  Through this call to learn and grow as a wife to Michael Hansen and mother to 6, she has come to understand the process of true education.  Katie shares her discoveries of the Hebraic Principles of Creation with it’s symbolic & poetic language through her Mother’s Principal Mentor program,  the Foundation Builder Guide, online and at FBG’s Unlocking the Chambers Women’s Retreats.  Katie is also a 6-yr. trained Mentor through Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, Footzonologist & Coach, and author of the Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book and Restoring The Hebrew Way.  Learn more at:  HouseoftheBook.org


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