What's in Your Blender?

Presented by: Linzy Allen

Some days our brain feels like a blender: constantly in motion, moving from one chore to the next. How do we find peace amidst all that is required of us? How do we know if we’re doing enough? How do we find that happy balance, juggling littles while still trying to fulfill unmet demands from bigger people. How do we teach self-discipline? What academics and activities that are best for their ages? Come learn tips and tricks to make your days run more smoothly from someone who has been there.


Linzy and her husband live in Blackfoot, Idaho. They have been homeschooling their four boys for eight years. She loves being with her family and learning about and discovering new books to share together. She is passionate about continuing her own education and sharing it with others. She has been studying Hebrew principles, Mentoring in the Classics, and serves on the board at her local library. Linzy has been serving with LDSHE for four years now. She has a strong belief in her faith and realizes that none of this would be possible without Him.

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