What in the World Is Going On?

Presented by: Kathy Mellor

We live in an age of amazing interconnectedness. How does a severe drought or a war in some far-off land affect you? Why is it worthwhile to keep up with politics? What difference does it make who’s on the Supreme Court? You can transition into adulthood as one of the many uninformed and uninvolved citizens, or you can make the effort to open up your eyes to the world around us. Growing up in a time like no other requires a stronger understanding of interconnectedness than ever before. I suggest you start becoming informed sooner rather than later because it will be tied directly to your success in life.


As the mother of six and the mentor to hundreds of youth, Kathy has been homeschooling since before it was cool. Like you, she has felt the tremendous highs and lows as her children have self-educated and searched for their passions. For the last nine years she has had the opportunity of training parents to be mentors with the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI), which specializes in the unique (and sometimes terrifying) teen years. In addition to being a trainer for LEMI, she also travels all over the country doing Unleashing Your Voice! public speaking and debate seminars and offers an online monthly webinar series called Mentoring the One. She provides one-on-one mentoring online for homeschooling success, finding mission, entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, and life coaching.

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