Understanding and Respecting the Rhythms, Cycles, and Seasons In Our Lives

Presented by: Misty Foxley

To this day, Misty Foxley reserves a special place in her heart for LDSHE, its mission, its work, and the people it serves. She has a firm conviction that LDSHE is inspired and supported by the Savior. It was under her leadership that the organization and its mission and purpose was first defined. Supported by her generous husband Derek, she worked tirelessly for over a decade in key leadership positions, including Chair, President, IT/website development, and the conception and development of the current Audio Library. Her focus has always been to support, inspire, and educate individuals and families, both young and old, through LDSHE conferences and the resource library. Her energy and enthusiasm for homeschooling is genuine, as she does her best to “walk the talk” with her own family.

Misty and Derek homeschooled their own six children for 24 years on four continents. Their children are now grown to adulthood, all having attended colleges and/or universities, several having graduated with undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition to this, they are not afraid to pursue and develop their interests in non-traditional ways; both they and their spouses value education as a continuous part of their life’s work. Their children pursue and develop their interests in non-traditional ways, and both they are their spouses value education as a continuing part of their life’s work. They contribute freely to the Church and their local communities. Both of the Foxleys’ sons have served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Foxleys’ grandchildren are now being raised and home-educated by parents who have a beautiful vision of what education can and ought to be.

As a family, the Foxleys have absolutely no regrets for taking the path of home education. It has been a tremendous experience, which they all look back upon with fondness and gratitude for many reasons, not the least of which is that they were able to forge close ties with each other as a family and live the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully and effectively, in ways that they otherwise might not have been able to.

We need not look far to understand that our Creator has given natural rhythms and cycles to the earth, the heavens, the seas, and all creatures upon the earth. While the earth itself is spinning and orbiting in predictable and calculable ways, we also experience hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and lifetime cycles. Our own bodies, for example, have a continual and beautiful rhythm in our breathing and heartbeat; we rarely give thought to it, but it is absolutely vital to our well-being. One of the best things parents for ourselves and our children is to understand and become more aware of the rhythms and cycles in our family life. By forming predictable patterns and rhythms that are custom-fit for our family as a whole and for each individual, we help our children feel secure and give them a healthy sense of general predictability. When we plant a garden each spring, or bake a cake for each birthday, we are creating rhythms upon which our family can depend. Our mind, our body, and our emotional and spiritual states have need for rhythm and healthy cycles of activity and rest/recovery. When we understand the importance of healthy rhythms, we can better understand how to create and establish rhythms and cycles for the family in ways that will support a state of greater health and happiness.


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