The Middle School Years

Presented by: Cindy Gaddis

Cindy Gaddis is a 27-year home education veteran and mother of seven right-brained children, ages 18-32. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and their family lives in a log house on fifteen acres in beautiful central North Carolina. A passionate advocate for understanding and honoring the natural learning path for creative, right-brained children, Cindy is a popular conference speaker and writer on the subject. Cindy wrote her book, The Right Side of Normal, in order to reach more parents and teachers who want to benefit from strengths-based learning for right-brained children. Cindy fulfilled her dream to open a “homeschooling school” last year at a 1926 renovated farmhouse on eighteen acres in order to work directly with more children wanting to find a place that provides individualized studies and freedom to pursue the creative outlets and develop a love of learning. You can find Cindy’s right-brained writings and homeschooling flavor at or her consultation services and Applestars blog at or her school at

Cindy feels that the middle school years are the trickiest and most misunderstood years of growth and change for children, and hers were no exception. No wonder middle school has such a poor reputation. Schools are ill-equipped to support children during easier developmental years, let alone the tough ones. Why is it that homeschooled children most often talk about going back to school at this stage? Why do they seem like wandering, lost souls all of a sudden? Cindy will discuss what’s going on during this time of development as she discovered through her children and confirmed through listening to other parents, the research she unearthed, and now working directly with middle schoolers at her new “homeschooling school.” She will share what she did to support her children both academically and emotionally, and what the outcome looked like when high school arrived.


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