Michelle Carbee graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work in 1990, and has used the information learned in teaching her two boys and being actively involved in church work and scouting. Michelle has had an interest in food storage and preservation for many years and became very interested in nutrition and the health benefits when her second son was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and Asperger’s Syndrome. With her first son already being diagnosed with borderline ADHD and possible other “learning disabilities,” she began to research the possibility of food allergies and began experimenting with nutrition. With the Spirit guiding her, the results were phenomenal, and a testimony was strengthened in the Word of Wisdom.

The Hidden Talent Within You

Presented by: Michelle Carbee

Have you ever been asked what your talents are and come up blank? Many talents are what can be called "seen" talents, such as a musical or artistic talent. These talents people can see through artwork on display or musical performances. What about the "unseen" talents? Everyone has them, but we rarely recognize what they are. All talents are gifts from our Heavenly Father and all help us to become the person He knows we can be as well as use these gifts and talents to help serve Him. Discover how to recognize the "unseen" talent or gift in you


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