The Eighth Key of Great Teaching

Presented by: Angela Baker

Do you worry about the progress your children don’t seem to be making? Are you feeling stressed juggling so many seemingly competing demands? Are you afraid you’re not “doing it right?” For most of us, the TJ Ed path is new and unfamiliar. In our uncertainty, fear and stress will be unwelcome traveling companions, but we don’t have to link arms and allow them to lead our way. With the Eighth Key and its Three Companion Principles (first introduced by Dr. Oliver DeMille in 2007), we can walk this path secure in the Lord making our homes peaceful and secure refuges from the confusion of the world.


When asked what she does, Angela Baker responds enthusiastically, “I do people!” She sees genius and beauty in every person and passionately believes that education should be about discovering and growing that genius. This life-long passion led her to seek alternative education for her children. She is an authentic, down-to-earth home educator of twenty-one years who knows the ups and downs of her “business.” Angela is the mother of seven children. She and her family live on a one-acre farm in rural Erda, Utah, where the main crop is children. Angela is a well-loved speaker whose talent for weaving stories with principles creates a memorable experience for her audiences. She is also an experienced parent coach and youth mentor.
In order to inspire youth to dig deep and engage in a rigorous scholar experience, Angela founded Erda Youth Leadership Academy. She is a mentor for Elevation—Williamsburg Academy’s outdoor high school leadership program—where she invites youth to challenge themselves by climbing rock walls and rappelling over cliffs. She is a certified relationship coach through Townsend Relationship Center. Her formal education includes a bachelor’s in family science and a master’s in education. A cherished highlight of her homeschool journey and years of motherhood is the happy hours of reading to her children. She enjoys quiet study, fiery sunsets, family dancing in the kitchen, climbing mountains and rock walls, and refreshing moments of just sitting.

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