The Art of the Joke

Presented by: Sterling Willford

I think we’re doing artwork… badly. Either that or we’ll be discussing humor at its foundational levels: namely, dad jokes, puns, Laffy Taffy jokes, and those jokes that were so funny, but now you can’t remember them. (Trust me, if you can’t remember any funny jokes by the end of this class, it’s because they were this kind.) We’ll discuss what makes humor funny and how to use it in positive ways.


Sterling Willford grew up as the youngest of nine children. As his older siblings grew up and left the house, he adopted himself out to other large families. When they grew up, he decided he’d better become a professional educator, so that he’d always be surrounded by lots of people and noise. To ensure that there’s never a dull moment, he also coaches a speech and debate team, surrounds himself with unfinished remodeling projects, and volunteers to present at LDSHE conferences. He and his wife, Amelia, live in Heman, Idaho, with their son, Gideon…who makes life even more exciting.

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