The Art of Storytelling in the Home

Presented by: Marlene Peterson

Stories carry ideas into the heart which is what makes them so powerful.  The early 1900’s saw a revival in the art of storytelling among mothers.  The ‘Greatest Generation’ followed.  They left behind their lessons on how to tell stories as well as a treasury of stories to tell.  When the lights are low and your child is in a quiet, receptive mood, the stories told to him will never be forgotten and their influence will follow him the rest of his life.  Sharing stories from the heart weaves hearts together and creates bonds that are nearly impossible to break.  Come explore this lost art–the greatest generation is yet to come.


Marlene Peterson is founder and President of Libraries of Hope, home of the Well-Educated Heart philosophy of learning and a Mother’s University. A strong believer in the power of stories, she has compiled over 60 volumes of stories from the golden age of children’s literature and has created a manual for beginning storytellers entitled Restoring the Art of Storytelling in the Home. She is a co-founder of Mothers of Influence. A graduate of BYU, she and her husband, Brent, have raised eight daughters and one son and currently reside in Appomattox, Virginia, where they are blissfully surrounded by the stories of history.

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