Judith B. Munday has been teaching students with special needs for over 30 years, in Christian and private schools as well as fourteen years in the “mission field” of special education in the public school system. Her experience there uniquely prepared her to advise parents who need help navigating the process of moving a child from the public schools to begin homeschooling. She has taught several graduate courses as an adjunct instructor at Regent University’s School of Education in Virginia Beach.

Judi holds two Masters Degrees in Special Education. She retired from public school service in 1999, and started HIS Place, her home-based business to help homeschool parents and children with special needs. Judi has spoken at local and statewide home education workshops in Hawaii, Louisiana, and Virginia. Judi has a heart to connect with parents from around the United States through one-on-one phone consultations.

In 2005, Judi authored and edited the chapter “Teaching Special Needs Students” in the Home Educator’s Association of Virginia’s Homeschool Manual, 2005 Edition. Judi has authored two books: The Student Education Plan, a handbook for parents and her new book, Teaching a Child with Special Needs at Home and at School: Strategies and Tools That Really Work, available through Amazon.com.

Judi has been married to Dr. John C. Munday Jr. for 53 years, and they have three married children. Seven of her ten grandchildren are being homeschooled, while the older three attend Regent University. She has a hand-made Navajo rug loom on which she has completed about half of a 3’ x 5’ authentic Navajo-style rug. Judi’s favorite place is Maui, Hawaii – especially whale watching during the winter months!

Teaching Students with Communication Challenges

Presented By: Judi Munday

Many students struggle with oral and written communication. Language-based weaknesses arise from many causes: learning disabilities, neurological issues, and autism spectrum, just to name a few. Judi helps parents to understand these hard-to-recognize deficits that affect a student’s ability to acquire, understand, use, and retrieve learning. Parents will learn how to use powerful proven strategies and instructional tips that help with instruction and testing. This nuts-and-bolts workshop provides practical tools that parents can easily incorporate into daily teaching – no excessive advance lesson planning or preparation time required.

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