Becky Rappleyea is a homeschool mom of five children. Her homeschool journey began 35 years ago, when her own mother felt inspired to teach her five children at home. In Southern Oregon where she grew up, homeschooling was almost unheard of, and her family was a pioneer in the area. Becky attended community college and graduated with an AA in music at age eighteen. God led her to the man of her dreams, Damon Rappleyea, and together they married and started their family of five children (each born while at a different university!).

Becky is passionate about music. She has taught piano for over fourteen years, composed music and directed choirs, and is currently starting a new adventure with a homeschool band. She loves Legos and has been involved with First Lego League robotics program for many years. She started out as a team parent, became a tournament judge, and then moved on to coaching robotics teams at different levels. Becky has a small background in desktop publishing. She LOVES history, science, entomology, sewing, art, world travel, reading, gardening, and cooking. Her homeschooling journey continues as she has graduated her two oldest children and sent them off to BYU, and relies on her faith and direction from the Lord as she and her husband guide their remaining children. She is grateful for the blessing of being able to educate her children through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the freedom in this great country to do so.

Teaching Sex Education

Presented By: Becky Rappleyea

Participants will learn practical and developmentally-appropriate strategies for discussing sexuality and sexual topics with their children. The presenters will integrate information from the For Strengh of Youth pamphlet, teachings from modern day prophets, as well as contemporary literature about how to engage your children in these delicate conversations. Topics of the presentation will range from when to start discussing sexual topics with your children to preventative conversations about pornography and sexual behavior.