A self-proclaimed “math missionary”, Jamie York went to public school in Connecticut, received two computer science degrees, and began teaching math in 1985 at a boarding school in New Hampshire.  In 1994, after spending two years in Nepal serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, Jamie’s search for meaningful education led him to Shining Mountain Waldorf School (in Boulder, Colorado), where he taught middle school and high school mathematics for more than twenty years.  Since then, he has focused largely on envisioning and creating a comprehensive and meaningful mathematics curriculum that spans grades one through twelve.

Jamie consults and teaches math workshops at a variety of schools around the world, and serves on the faculty at Antioch University training math teachers.  Jamie is the lead author of a series of books titled Making Math Meaningful.  His website www.JamieYorkPress.com serves as a popular resource for thousands of Waldorf teachers and homeschool educators around the world.

Teaching Geometry through the Imagination

Presented by: Jamie York

The geometry curriculum is one of the ways that Waldorf education stands apart from a traditional curriculum.  The Waldorf geometry curriculum is a powerful means of developing the students’ imagination.  In this workshop, we will remove a bit of the mystery by living into this imaginative world and experiencing a few geometric exercises from the Waldorf curriculum.


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