Teaching Big Things to Little People

Presented by: Jennifer Georgia

Jennifer believes that raising intelligent, happy, freedom-loving children–and helping others do the same–is a powerful way of contributing to society. She worked as an intensive care nurse for 20 years, but now has switched to doing “intensive mommying.” The Georgias have four kids in Team A, who were homeschooled since birth and are now all launched into college, missions, jobs, and/or marriage. Team B is composed of three kids adopted from foster care along with their bio son.

Jennifer is the author of Magical Math: A Book for Young Children and Their Parents which is illustrated by Team A, and You Don’t Have to Be an Expert: Why Homeschooling Works. She blogs at Vision Academy Publishing.

Children are not just little adults. Their learning strengths and weaknesses are very different from those of big people. But they can, and should, learn “big things” at young ages, instead of just ABC’s and 1-2-3’s. Math, science, history, languages, and religion—all are full of fascinating topics that will feed a child’s sense of wonder, and become hooks on which to hang future knowledge. When early education is approached well (joyfully and without coercion), children develop lively, curious minds. What can you do to bring learning alive? Let’s talk about it!


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