Real Life Lessons from Fairy Tales

Presented by: Suzette Conrad

Suzette Conrad is a proud homeschool graduate, photography enthusiast, and lingust dabbler. She is an advocate for embracing one’s crazy cup of tea, enhancing the imagination, and finding beauty in life. She is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial management, and one day plans to run her own business. While she is still fiddling with business ideas, she hopes to be a light to others and encourage them to love themselves, their life, and those around them.

For years fairy tales have been used to teach lessons and morals. You may think you have grown out of these bedtime stories, but have you? We all know Cinderella is about a hardworking girl, but what does it have to do with networking? What can The Emperor’s New Clothes teach you about success? Find out as we discuss these and other fairy tales in a new light.


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