Dr. Travis G. Parry has been helping couples achieve their financial goals as a financial planner, coach, counselor, and educator since 2002. His experience with couples led him to earn several behavioral science degrees in sociology, psychology, human development, and family relations. His wealth of knowledge in understanding human behavior from a variety of angles combined with his rich experience of helping couples with their finances makes Dr. Parry uniquely qualified to help families with behavioral issues surrounding money. He is the owner of the Family Financial Institute and has pioneered the clinical-tested Family-Financial Training process to help families with behavioral challenges to achieve their financial goals more efficiently. Travis enjoys time with his wife and six children and the freedom to travel and speak at conferences around the country as a homeschool family. He also enjoys the opportunity to serve in the church and is currently serving as the Bishop in their home ward in Texas.

Real Friends in a Fakebook World: How to Make Real Friends That Can Last Forever

Presented By: Dr. Travis Parry

Most teens struggle to find and make real friends at a time when they need friends the most. Now add being homeschooled and the challenge of so-called “social networking,” and we have a really difficult equation to solve. Dr. Parry experienced teenage life as a homeschooler, and he understands firsthand the difficulties and joys of making real friends. Now, as a homechool dad of six and a relationship expert, he wants to share three simple ways you can make real friends that can last forever.