Read like P. I. R. A.T. E.S!

Presented by: Heather Fuhriman

Heather is the mother of four young adult children (three boys and one daughter), all of whom have been homeschooled from the beginning. She enjoys learning alongside her children through project-based learning. She is an eight-year veteran Leadership Education Mentoring Institute mentor and currently serves as Principal Mentor at Triangle Leadership Commonwealth in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her favorite projects to mentor are history based, and she enjoys making history come to life through reenactments, simulations, activities, and meaningful principle-based discussions. When not engrossed in the past, Heather spends time in the community and church callings in all aspects of the scouting program. She especially enjoys Sea Scouts, staffing Wood Badge and National Youth Leadership Training, and high adventure outings with their community Venture Crew. When not doing any of the above, you’ll find Heather in a hammock reading a book or on a date with her husband.

Professional, Investigative, Researching, and Treasure-Excavating Seekers! Learn how to take your reading to the next level while identifying roadblocks your kids may be having as they navigate their own journey. We’re going to start with breaking the taboo you learned in public school to never write in your books. Delving deeply in a book and annotating your thoughts and impressions will help you find hidden treasures. You’ll have a conversation with the author that brings you to new epiphanies. This automatically prepares you to discuss a book like Neptune himself.

In this class, we’ll go over strategies to boost reading comprehension, discuss tips for annotating more, and give you resources to help you develop your skills. Please come prepared to study and learn!


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