Raising Money Smart Kids: How to Teach Your Children to be Money Smart, Regardless of Their Age or Ability

Presented by: Dr. Travis Parry

Dr. Travis G. Parry is a sought after public speaker. He’s earned several degrees in family and social science to better understand goal achievement and family relationships. Dr. Parry is the founder of the Make Time Institute where he helps business owners to make time for their families and consults with family-owned businesses on how to transfer their business to the next generation. Travis enjoys time with his wife and six children and the freedom to travel and speak at conferences around the country as a homeschool family. He also enjoys the opportunity to serve in the church and is currently serving as the Bishop of their ward in Texas.

Most parents struggle with how to teach their children about money. Some parents struggle to balance their own bank account, so teaching their own children feels hypocritical. Others might do well financially but can’t seem to explain it to their children in the right way. Regardless, your children are watching how you manage money, and they need your help! In this class, Dr. Parry will explain in a developmentally-appropriate and gospel-centered way to teach your own little prodigy how to stay in the black. Join us for an entertaining and educational session with Dr. Parry and leave with tons of ideas to help teach your children to be Money Smart!


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