Preschool Potential: Preventing and Mitigating Learning Challenges in Early Childhood

Presented by: Lisa Hone

How to put our children on a solid foundation for developing the mental abilities to maximize learning potential is a question every responsible parent and educator is keen to answer. How can we avoid development of ADHD, dyslexia, and other attention disorders and learning concerns? Are these things avoidable? Lisa has the answer for all of these questions and more. Through a specific set of perceptual motor skills exercises, practiced over the course of an academic year, preschoolers can develop neural pathways and brain efficiencies that can minimize the risk of developing learning disabilities and focus issues. This workshop offers training on how and why certain issues can arise and what can be done to help prevent and mitigate them at the pre-school/early childhood stage.


After struggling with her own children’s developmental delays, Lisa went to California to learn about a program that has been helping people for decades. This revolutionary program taught the brain and body to work efficiently with each other. She wanted to help her children, but in the process realized the value of such a program in her own community. So many children needlessly struggle in school. Parents struggle with “rebellious” children, only to find out the child is struggling with their own mind and frustrations. She says, “It has been an incredible journey to see the change in my own children. I just want to help others realize their own full potential.”

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