Out of the Best Books: Building and Organizing a Home Library

Presented by: LeeAnn Earl

Thomas Jefferson said “I cannot live without books,” and as homeschoolers we would have to agree. But managing all of our educational materials can be daunting. This class will focus on taming your piles of books and resources to build an organized family library that suits your needs. Topics will include organizing for greatest utilization, deciding which books are “shelf-worthy,” as well as what to do with supplies, manipulatives, and other non-book items. Find out how to turn the jumble into a treasure trove of learning.


LeeAnn Earl’s family moved around a lot growing up with a father in the Marine Corps. At 21, she served a mission for the church in Italy and later earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. This was a great preparation for her future. She became the mother of nine boys and two girls, and wife to Mr. Earl (aka- Mr. Incredible), a former Marine now living undercover as a middle school computer teacher. They are currently busy raising their family of young Incredibles on a farm in North Carolina. This provides many opportunities for them to develop their superpowers.

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