Meredith has lived in northern Virginia for the last four years. She knows that she is absolutely where she should be, and that she needed the help of some wonderful homeschool friends in NOVA to help her first two years of homeschooling be the wonderful experience they have been. She has two astonishingly stubborn and fun children, ages six and three, who keep her very busy. Meredith graduated from Texas Tech University with a BA in psychology. She dances hula with her amazing hula sisters of Na Wahine Lawakua I Ka Hula. She is an aspiring minimalist. She loves hot yoga, self-defense (she is from Texas!), surfing, and is the most avid listener of Ted Talks you will ever meet. She really hopes that if anyone attending LDSHE is on the fence about homeschooling, they will take heart that if she can do it, A-NY-ONE can. And she’s not just saying that!

Did you know that it is not helpful to say to your child “You are so good at math (or fill in any subject here).” They also don’t like to hear the words “good job.” This is counter-intuitive, but the specific words and phrases we use with our children—while very well-meaning and, in our minds, encouraging—can actually set them up for failure if we aren’t careful. We may be wiring their brains to either be confident and courageous enough to take on challenges or instill fear in them that hinders greater achievements.


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